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Creation of Nalios Switzerland

Nalios was founded in April 2022 by Odoo alumnis Julien Herneque, and is based in French-speaking Switzerland.

We firmly believe that a long-term strategy is essential to ensure the effectiveness of your management tool. Our approach, focused on your specific needs, combined with excellent, local service, will make all the difference to your business.


Our services

Odoo is an all-in-one business management software offering a complete range of integrated applications for various business needs: accounting, sales, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and marketing.

Modular and customizable, Odoo enables companies of all sizes to improve their efficiency and productivity by centralizing their operations in a single, unified platform.  

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SmartClass is an intensive training course designed to make you an expert in Odoo accounting management. It takes place over a full day or two half-days. During this training, we go through all the accounting processes in Odoo, enabling you to set up and manage your company's accounting efficiently.

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Specific services in Switzerland

QR code generation

In Switzerland, companies attach particular importance to the generation of QR codes on their invoices, as this considerably simplifies the payment process for their customers. This functionality is standard in Odoo.

Payroll management

Payroll management in Odoo is a demanding task, due to the specific regulations in each of the 26 Swiss cantons.

Multi Company

Switzerland is home to a large number of multinational companies, and the multi-company mode makes it possible to meet a wide range of needs.

Twint payment method

Businesses are also interested in the Twint payment method. TWINT is a mobile payment application in Switzerland that lets you pay online, in stores, and transfer money between friends directly from your smartphone. Twint is connected to most banks.


As Switzerland is a multilingual country, Odoo needs to support different languages.


Due to its central geographical position in Europe and the use of the Swiss franc (CHF) rather than the euro (EUR), Switzerland is faced with the management of numerous currencies and tax positions.

Nalios Switzerland team

At Nalios Switzerland, the working atmosphere is relaxed and collaborative, fostered by an open-space environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and open communication. Teambuilding activities are regularly organized to strengthen bonds and encourage team spirit. These convivial moments create a warm and supportive atmosphere, where everyone feels at ease and motivated to give their best. ​

The balance between professionalism and friendliness makes Nalios Switzerland a dynamic and pleasant place to work, where employees can flourish and collaborate effectively to achieve common goals.

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Our support

Nalios Switzerland LLC has an experienced and diverse team specializing in Odoo implementation projects. The team combines a wide range of skills, from project management and business analysis to process optimization and financial management.

The balance between professionalism and friendliness makes Nalios Switzerland a dynamic and pleasant place to work, where employees can flourish and collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. With a wealth of experience covering diverse sectors such as manufacturing, cosmetics, services, international business, NGOs, trustees, healthcare, energy, and electric mobility, the team is perfectly equipped to meet the specific needs of each customer. Their collective expertise enables them to offer customized and effective solutions, ensuring that their customers' objectives are optimally met.

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