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Why join the Odoo by Nalios network of business providers?

You want to diversify your services and meet the growing digital needs of your customers. By offering the market-leading ERP/CRM solution, you can not only strengthen your product and service offering, but also build stronger relationships with your customers, contributing to their business success.

Who is the business introduction program for?

 To technology enthusiasts wishing to recommend new management solutions;

 Professionals focused on customer relationships, looking for value-added products to offer to their network;

 People interested in partnership and business development opportunities;

 Those looking to expand their businesses and provide additional value to their customers.

What does our program provide?

For you

  • Diversification of your activities
  • Increased income thanks to commissions
  • Access to our partnership program

For your clients

  • Reduction of administrative tasks
  • Centralized tools
  • Significant time saving
  • Support from an Odoo Gold Partner

Notre engagement


  • Pay a commission on services
  • Manage the project as a whole
  • Regular monitoring and support

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