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With Odoo ERP for B2B, transform your sales approach by optimizing sales and service operations, reducing costs and improving efficiency. This improves coordination between teams and enriches the customer experience. Odoo boosts sales and increases profitability with advanced analytics to fine-tune your business strategies. 

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The solution to your daily challenges 

Do you face challenges coordinating your business operations or maintaining clear visibility of your current inventory in the B2B sector? Do you find it difficult to ensure the accuracy of financial and operational data between different departments ?

Do you need rigorous management of your business transactions and partnerships? Are you looking for a solution to digitize and optimize your business processes? Then Odoo's B2B ERP service is the solution for you.

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Integrate and automate all your processes with Odoo ERP for B2B services

Optimize the management of your B2B business operations. Easily track activity flows, automate essential processes and efficiently manage customer relationships.


This application is essential for managing interactions with customers and prospects. It enables you to track sales opportunities, organize marketing campaigns, and maintain strong customer relationships. Odoo CRM also helps to analyze sales performance, optimize sales processes, and improve customer satisfaction.




Specifically designed to automate sales processes, this application enables you to create quotations, manage orders and track contracts. It is integrated with Odoo CRM to provide a unified view of sales activities. This integration facilitates the management of recurring orders and contract negotiation, while offering advanced features such as electronic signature to speed up sales closing.


This application is crucial for efficient inventory management in a B2B context. It features warehouse management, lot and serial number traceability, and shipping management tools. Odoo Inventaire is designed to optimize stock levels, reduce inventory costs and improve the efficiency of logistics operations.

Optimising Project Management with Odoo ERP

With Odoo ERP, you can manage your projects efficiently using advanced planning and task tracking tools. You can assign responsibilities, monitor progress in real time and ensure that projects stay on time and on budget. Project management features include Gantt charts, kanban views and detailed performance reports.

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A successful partnership with Ekkofin

Find out how our client Ekkofin successfully completed its digital transformation thanks to our Odoo implementation expertise. This success underlines the strength of our personalised Odoo support, demonstrating how close collaboration can transform financial and accounting challenges into opportunities for growth and success. 

Digitalising your business !

Nalios, Odoo Gold Partner, for a seamless integration from start to finish

We understand that every B2B company has its own particularities and needs, depending on its size and customer base. That's why our services and Odoo ERP integration are customized to meet your unique requirements. 

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