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Find out how to manage the different marketing aspects of your company using the various tools offered by Odoo

Odoo and Nalios help you improve your marketing

Today, there is no doubt that marketing is a key factor in the success of your business. With a good strategy, you can easily stand out from the competition and stay competitive in the market.

Create your newsletters 

You no longer need to be a pro to create quality newsletters!

From the Email Marketing application, create personalized newsletters in just a few clicks and adapt the layout according to your wishes.

Target your audience

In order to optimize the impact of your campaigns, Odoo allows you to target the recipients of your emails based on precise criteria such as nationality, function, language or even the purchase of specific products.

Automate the flow of actions

Create targeted marketing strategies by defining segmentation and plan posts based on specific criteria.

Using the Marketing Automation application, you can create a flow of specific actions based on conditions such as sending an email when your customer has not yet placed purchases within a predetermined time frame.

Synchronize with your networks

Are you wasting precious time going to each of your social networks to manage your publications?

Synchronize your Odoo application with your different networks in order to feed them at once and in a few clicks

Schedule your posts

Improve your time management by planning your social media posts.

Create your publication, select the networks you want to publish on and all you have to do is choose the date and time of publication. Odoo takes care of the rest!

Votre marketing Odoo parfaitement intégrée avec les autres applications

No more exporting data from your customer or prospect base to integrate it into your marketing software! Nalios helps you set up your internal processes and connects them to Odoo marketing tools.


Target your customer database for your newsletters



Recover abandoned carts with targeted promotions



Automate registrations, reminders and follow-ups


We support you every step of the way

Our priority is to make you autonomous with Odoo marketing tools, we train and advise you in all areas.

Contacts database

Mailing lists

Marketing campaigns

Synchronization with your social networks

Link tracking

Automatic email templates

Newsletter management

Integration with other apps

Automatic action flow

Scheduled Posts

Chat from the website

Standard and tailor-made reporting

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