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The solution to your day-to-day challenges

📆Are you having trouble scheduling your workers and temporary staff for a large number of customers?

⌚Are you wasting time manually assigning people to recurring schedules and generating your timetables from available hours?

📑Are you having trouble invoicing customers correctly for the presence or absence of your teams on site?

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With Odoo, your workflows are fully integrated and automated

Plan your employees' schedules easily. Assign people to recurring schedules and generate them automatically.​

Plan your timetable

Odoo makes it easy to plan your employees' schedules. . 
Assign people to recurring schedules and generate them automatically.

Bill accordingly

Monitor the impact of your workers' presence on invoicing and ensure a smooth workflow.
Odoo handles invoicing and customer contracts on a recurring basis.

Automate your payroll

Odoo also allows you to identify the types of hours worked (normal, night, etc.).
The software takes subcontractors into account and integrates them into the planning for accurate monitoring of months to be paid..

Manage absences and ensure continuity

Odoo helps you manage employee absences and holidays. Reassign workers manually to ensure continuity of work.
Send them the schedules by e-mail or via a web link, with the option of leaving a comment..

Monitor your profitability as closely as possible 

Easily identify cost centres and track the various activities.
This comprehensive ERP and CRM solution also lets you manage bonuses, the purchase and maintenance of machinery and vehicle maintenance.

Nalios, Odoo Gold Partner for easy, controlled end-to-end integration

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Every cleaning company has different needs depending on its size and its customers. That's why our Odoo integration is customised to meet your specific needs.

Our aim is to make planning and all your other applications easy for you and your teams, so that you can concentrate on your business rather than on time-consuming administrative tasks.

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A rapid impact on your organisation and activities

Take advantage of step-by-step Odoo integration with Nalios

  Defining your main problem

 Upstream analysis to identify key needs and quick wins

 Drawing up an integration plan by workflow

 Solution configuration and user training

Go live, feedback and stabilisation

Implementation of other applications, support

Nalios supports you throughout the project so that you get the most out of each from each application

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