Optimize the management of your resources

All Odoo applications allow you to manage your company's human resources from A to Z

Employee management

Thanks to the 'Employees' application, share essential information with your team such as the professional information of their colleagues but also their department.

By providing more extensive access, all information relating to employees is accessible in one place: the manager, contracts or even personal information in order to centralize information for all employees. 

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Recruitment made simple

Publish your offers

If you also use the Odoo website, you can directly post your job offers and of course, allow candidates to apply directly.

Manage your applicant funnels

Your recruiting flow may vary from one department to another. Automated communications too. Odoo allows you to configure recruitment steps by department, but also certain automated emails.

Send and manage contracts

Thanks to its “salary configurator” application, you can send a link to the candidates of your choice so that they can configure their salary package themselves. Define your options and your annual cost, Odoo does the rest!

Leave management

Are you having trouble maintaining the number of vacation days still available for your employees? They don't have visibility on their remaining leave? Are your leave allocation and validation processes cumbersome and inefficient?

With Odoo, manage and allocate the annual leave of all your employees in just a few clicks. Give employees access to their remaining leave pot. Make the approval process easier and faster.

Assessment & Skills

It is sometimes difficult to find the right profile within your company for a mission. Odoo now allows you to centralize the skills of your employees and be able to develop them.

In addition, generating the recurrence of your evaluations to ensure the good development of your staff is now easy and accessible.

Car fleet

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles? Is it becoming difficult to manage the attributions, the documents relating to them or even the various invoices?

Odoo lets you do all of this. In a simple and effective view, you can find all the information relating to your vehicles.

Car management has never been easier.

Our consultants are experts in Odoo HR management

We constantly help our clients improve their Human Resources department. Among others, here are the benefits we saw for them when they started using Odoo HR features.

  • Manage their recruitment pipeline in just a few clicks
  • Huge time savings in leave management
  • An efficient flow for managing expense reports
  • Easy, fast and effective skills management that allows you to put the right people on the right projects

They trust us for their HR management

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