Electronic invoices from 1 Jan 2026: Peppol and higher deductibility

The Transition to Electronic Billing: A Necessity for Belgian Companies

From 1 January 2026, the Belgian government will require all B2B invoices to be processed electronically. This change means that using an efficient invoicing system and Peppol becomes essential for companies operating in Belgium.

The deadline is approaching: prepare your organisation

If your organisation does not yet have a suitable system for electronic invoicing, or if Peppol has not yet been activated, now is the time to act. From 1 January 2024, the costs associated with the transition to electronic invoicing can be deducted at an increased rate. This offers an excellent opportunity to go digital while benefiting from tax advantages.

Nalios: Your Odoo Partner for your Electronic Invoicing

At Nalios, we understand the challenges businesses face when transitioning to electronic invoicing. We offer solutions to help your organisation get started quickly and efficiently with these tax deductions. Our services include:

  • Implementation of electronic invoicing systems.
  • Activation of Peppol for transparent communication with government agencies and other companies.
  • Personalised advice to optimise your invoicing processes and maximise tax benefits. ​

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Would you like more information on how Nalios can help your organisation make the transition to electronic invoicing? Contact us directly @nalios.be. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and guide you every step of the way.

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Grants and Financial Support

For more information on the increased tax deduction for certain costs, consult the VLAIO publication at this link : VLAIO - Déduction Fiscale Majorée.

The deadline is fast approaching, but with the right partner at your side, you can make the transition to electronic invoicing smooth and efficient. Contact Nalios today and prepare for your digital transition and the organisation of your business in Belgium.