What’s new in project, timesheet and planning

Project management is at the heart of many successful businesses, and Odoo continually strives to simplify and improve this crucial facet with each update. Odoo version 17 pays particular attention to the project, timesheet and planning modules, introducing innovative features that promise to redefine the way teams collaborate and get things done.

This article explores in depth the new features that are transforming project management within Odoo. From strategic planning to accurately recording the time spent on each task, the enhancements in this release reflect Odoo's commitment to providing intuitive and powerful project management tools. Whether you're a project manager looking for ways to optimise your team's productivity or a user keen to explore the latest technological innovations, dive into this article to discover how Odoo version 17 redefines excellence in enterprise project management.

1. Improved shortcuts  

Set up a task instantly using text shortcuts: define labels, assign users, allocate times and set a high priority directly without opening the form view. The incorporation of symbols such as # and @ facilitates a quick and intuitive task configuration process.


2. Duration of each stage  

Get a complete understanding of project timescales by viewing the duration of each stage at a glance. Odoo 17 introduces a feature that provides an overview of the time invested in each stage of the project, making it easier to make informed decisions and allocate resources.


3. Task status  

Experience greater control over project progress with new task statuses. From "open" (in progress, changes requested and approved) to "closed" (cancelled and completed), Odoo 17 introduces a versatile status framework. In particular, the new 'pending' status takes account of dependencies between tasks, enabling transparent management even when one task is blocked by another.


4. Recurring tasks  

Facilitate proactive planning by generating new tasks immediately after completing previous ones. Integration with subscriptions ensures that recurring tasks are aligned with subscription deadlines and recurrence periods, enabling efficient planning and preventing tasks from recurring after subscription termination.


5. Automating actions  

Improve project management efficiency by automating a myriad of actions directly from the Kanban view. Odoo 17 gives users the ability to customize and automate tasks, providing a streamlined approach to project management.